About Us

We are a wholesale custom playing card company located in the United States.

We are owned by Fairway Manufacturing Company, in St. Louis, MO. Wholesale Importers/Wholesalers and Jobbers

We are proud to say we are over our 65th year of successful, continuous operation under the same family management since we started our business in 1952.
Fairway is one of the oldest and leading direct importers serving the tourist and recreation industries internationally. We have an excellent reputation for DEPENDABLE, FAST Services at very COMPETITIVE PRICES. .

We at Souvenir Playing Cards are a subsidiary company of Fairway Manufacturing Company.

We specialise in wholesale custom printed and stock souvenir playing cards for all over the United States of America

We at Souvenir Playing Cards will endeavour to get you the best deals on custom playing cards. When ordering let us know your geographical location, so we can help steer you in the right direction for images for your town, city or state.

We will help you with designs if you need a custom image. Please do not take images of the internet. Most of the time they have copyright protections or trademarks. We encourage you to take your own photographs or let our trained art director find legal to use images for your projects.

We can create custom artwork if you don't have any available. We have an in house artist who can create a custom image for your playing card idea.

We provide a quote for your custom cards, free of charge with no obligations.